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We are looking for experts who are excited to build new world-class learning programs together with us. Teach in-demand skills and enable students worldwide to build and grow their careers.

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Instructional design experts

Our experts help you capture, organize, and pace curated content for maximum pedagogical impact. Together, we make sure students gain real skills and apply them to real-world projects.

Content prototyping and user testing

We make sure that content is first prototyped and tested with real students. This allows us to get first-hand feedback before refining the content and moving to high-quality production.

A dedicated production team

A dedicated producer organizes the process while a team of skilled designers, editors, and animators turn your work into a polished experience — this is a level of support we believe you won’t find anywhere else.

Marketing and brand building

We put significant marketing resources to work for our learning programs with the goal of making each of them a commercial and pedagogical success — extending your impact on students and elevating your personal brand.


How long does it take to build a Nanodegree program?

The development time depends on the complexity and length of a program. On average, instructors can expect to work for 4 to 6 months (at 20-30 hours per week) on a program to plan and develop the curriculum, build out the projects, record all the lessons and help us prepare for a successful launch. Once we have agreed on an outline, we will develop a production timeline to set shared expectations.

Do I need video production and editing experience or equipment?

No, we have a team of professional video shooters, designers, animators and editors that will take care of the whole production. We want our instructors to focus on developing and teaching the curriculum and not worry about production quality.

Will I need to be on-site at Udacity to build a Nanodegree program?

No. Course development and prototyping work is done remotely with regular calls to guide you through the process and provide feedback. Once the content is developed and tested with real students, we may organize video shoots either at Udacity or partner studios, depending on your location and the production requirements.

How will I be compensated for my work?

Beyond providing you and your expertise, skills, and talent a credible platform that allows you to share your knowledge with students worldwide, you will participate in the financial success of the program, usually based on a revenue share agreement.

What are the details around submission and other terms relating to building Content with Udacity?

The Terms relating to your submission of content suggestions to us are set forth in the Udacity Content Submission Agreement that you must agree to prior to your submission found on the next page of this submission process. If we select your suggestion we will reach out to you with further details about your suggestion and provide our ‘Program Agreement’ with financial and legal terms relating to the development of a Udacity Program together.

What Nanodegree programs is Udacity looking to build?

Udacity’s Nanodegree programs are designed to give students the skills they need to succeed in jobs that are growing in demand. Our current focus lies in teaching a wide range of applied technology skills and areas fundamentally changed by technology.

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