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Android Basics by Google

Learn the basics for Android with a course created by Udacity and Google

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    3 Months

    Study 10 hrs/week to complete in 3 mo.

  • Languages
    English and Arabic
  • Classroom Opens
    November 21, 2018
  • Prerequisites
    No Experience Required

    See prerequisites in detail

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Learn Android Basics

Why Take an Android Nanodegree Program?

Want to develop Android apps, but don’t know where to start? In this Nanodegree program, we’ll show you the way. We developed this curriculum with Google for true beginners interested in developing apps for the next billion Android users!

Why Take an Android Nanodegree Program?

82 billion
Android app installs in 2016

Personalized Support and Mentorship
Personalized Support and Mentorship

Personalized Support and Mentorship

Learn with the support of mentors from the very beginning of the program through in-class chats and 1:1 video calls, and connect with thousands of fellow students on dedicated Udacity-moderated forums.

Code Review on All Your Projects

Code Review on All Your Projects

Receive personal, in-line code review from our network of code reviewers for each of your projects, ensuring that you get the feedback you need to make real progress.

Build Apps for Social Good
Build Apps for Social Good

Build Apps for Social Good

Android’s global reach led us to incorporate a theme of social good into the curriculum—you’ll build apps that help solve real problems, from preserving a dying Native American language, to monitoring seismic activity.

Accelerate Your Journey

Accelerate Your Journey

After you complete this program, you’ll be prepared to take your skills to the next level in our Android Developer Nanodegree program, where you’ll learn how to be job-ready as professional Android Developer.

What You Will Learn

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Android Basics Nanodegree Program

We built this curriculum with Google for aspiring Android developers who are new to programming to ensure that you get the real-world skills you need to start building apps and accelerate your journey towards becoming a professional Android Developer.

We built this curriculum with Google to ensure that you get the real-world skills you need to start building apps and accelerate your journey towards professional Android Development.

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3 months to complete

  • Android Basics: User Interface

    Learn how to transform hand-drawn app designs into layouts using the XML markup language, and use Views and ViewGroups to display images and text.

    Build a Single Screen App
  • Android Basics: User Input

    Harness the power of Java to build a coffee-ordering app, use variables to add interactivity to your app, and learn the basics of object-oriented programming.

    Score Keeper AppQuiz App
  • Android Basics: Multi-Screen Apps

    Learn how to show multiple screens, and add audio and images to an app. Learn how Android handles touch events, and make visual changes to add polish to your app.

    Musical Structure AppTour Guide App
  • Android Basics: Networking

    Discover the power of Web APIs and how to use them, and learn the basics of networking in Android, including HTTP networking, JSON parsing, and threads.

    News App, Stage 1News App, Stage 2
  • Android Basics: Data Storage

    Learn the importance of data persistence when building an Android app, and how to work with SQL databases and Content Providers.

    Inventory App, Stage 1Inventory App, Stage 2
We are building this curriculum with Udacity because we believe it reflects what developers everywhere should know.

Learn with the best

Katherine Kuan
Katherine Kuan


Katherine Kuan, formerly a Developer Advocate at Google, was a software engineer on the Android Apps team for Google Keep, Google Play, and the People app.

Jessica Lin
Jessica Lin


Jessica Lin is the Android Basics Curriculum Lead at Udacity, teaching various aspects of the Android development ecosystem. When untethered from her devices, she can be found training for her next Muay Thai competition.

Chris Lei
Chris Lei


Curriculum Lead for the Android and Android Basics Nanodegree programs at Udacity, Chris is inspired and humbled by all who embrace computing as a medium to realize their dreams. He holds an M.S in Embedded Systems and a B.S in Computer Engineering.

Asser Samak
Asser Samak


Asser Samak is a Content Developer at Udacity, with over 9 years experience in software engineering, and a great passion for teaching. He also teaches Udacity’s Java course series.

Lyla Fujiwara
Lyla Fujiwara


Lyla Fujiwara is an Android Developer Advocate at Google. Prior to joining Google, Lyla worked at Udacity on the Android Developer and Android Basics Nanodegree teams. She’s taught on three continents and is a former Peace Corps volunteer.

Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis


Joe Lewis has been working with Google Analytics since 2014, and is an author of several books on web development. He is also a professionally-trained classical bassist with a masters degree from New England Conservatory and an avid mountain biker.

Vicky Tu
Vicky Tu


Vicky Tu is a Course Manager for Android Basics at Udacity, and an Android app developer. In her free time, she enjoys playing with dogs and dancing.


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3 month term
Learn Android Basics
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Start developing Android apps today.

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  • Why should I enroll in this program?
    Android is supposed to be the largest developer base in the world. And for you to be a part of that, the learning starts here, even with no programming skills. The skills you learn in this Beginners Nanodegree program will accelerate your journey to becoming a working Android Developer. You’ll learn the intricacies of Java language to start building amazing new apps for those billion (and counting!) Android devices! Along the way you’ll learn to create your own, from Quiz apps to a Tour Guide app and a News app. By the end of the Nanodegree program, you’ll have a portfolio of 9 Android apps to showcase.
  • What is the kind of student support I will get during this program?

    Students having queries regarding course material or the projects can be solved by various support services provided by Udacity such as:

    • Project Reviews: The Project reviews provide deep analysis of a student's code and project. Reviewers are trained professionals that provide feedback on coding styles, industry guidelines, optimization of the code and reference links for improving the project.
    • Classroom Mentorship: Mentors are appointed to students that have one on one chats with them. They keep track of the progress in the course, Help them in time management and keep them motivated throughout the course
    • Forums: There are specific forums for each Nanodegree program supported by Udacity Coaches. 1 on 1 Appointments: Students can schedule one on one video appointments with coaches and mentors to help them when they get stuck at something.
  • What are the prerequisites required for this Nanodegree?
    The Android Basics Nanodegree entering students should be motivated to learn and be comfortable with basic computer skills like managing files, navigating the Internet and running programs. We will use Android Studio to build our apps, so you should have access to a computer that can run Android Studio in order to follow along (see Android Studio's System Requirements for details). Don’t worry, you do not need to install Android Studio in advance -- we will provide detailed installation instructions as part of the course.
  • Do I lose access to this Nanodegree once I graduate?
    No, you will not lose access to the content of this Nanodegree once you graduate. Your access will be there for lifetime..
  • Does this Nanodegree offer a free trial?
    No. But we provide a 7 day no question asked refund.
  • What is the language of study for this Nanodegree program?
    English & Arabic

Android Basics by Google

Learn the basics for Android with a course created by Udacity and Google